Wind Solar Hybrid Project Good Economic Benefits

Since the traditional lights must be powered by buried cables, so it is high street construction costs for power transmission cables in more than three kilometers away from the power point of the road. With the extension of kilometers, it need a boost system, therefore, in the outer suburbs of the road, the cost is very high for the cables, and power consumption is also very big on the far away lines. There are significant economic benefits as the wind solar hybrid solar street light do not need transmission cables, and do not consume energy.

Wind Solar Hybrid Project Lighting Time Ensure

Many people worried that wind solar hybrid project lights affected by the weather,and lighting time can not be ensured.
Wind and solar energy are some of the most common natural energy, sunny days, sunshine is enough; windy and rainy days,in summer, the high intensity sunlight is well and winter time, wind is strong, and the wind and solar street lighting system with enough storage system to ensure lights to be plenty of power.