Wind Solar Hybrid Overview

To ensure the working tiem of wind solar hybrid street lighting is an important indicator part. Wind and solar hybrid led street lights is an independent power supply system. An optimum configuration design requires a combination of natural resources streetlight installation location from street lamps choice, fans, solar cells and energy storage capacity.

Wind Solar Hybrid Specification

Item Specification
Solar panel Rated power 100Wp*2
Rated voltage 17.2V
Rated current 2.58 A
Open circuit voltage 21.6 V
Short circuit current 2.7A
Working tempreture  – 40℃ ~+85℃
Cell efficency 16%
Solar panel Type Mono-silicon solar panel
Frame Aluminum alloy
Wind Turbines 300W
Light source 50W LED, imported usa chips, 60*150 lighting angle,120LM/W
Battery 120AH*2,12V,  battery
Controller 24V / 15A, automatically time and light control, overcharge and disovercharge protection.
Lamp pole 8 M pole with 7 M LED lamp height, iron-casting with powder coated
Lamp accessories All necessary cables, cable joints and screw bolts, etc.