Solar Lighting Project for Roadway

Solar lighting project for roadway specification

Item Specification
Solar panel Rated power 140Wp*2
Rated voltage 18.0V
Rated current 5.0 A
Open circuit voltage 22.4 V
Short circuit current 5.3A
Working tempreture  – 40℃ ~+85℃
Cell efficency 16%
Solar panel Type Mono-silicon solar panel
Frame Aluminum alloy
Light source 80W LED, imported usa chips, 60*150 lighting angle,110LM/W
Battery 150AH*2,12V,  battery
Controller 24V / 15A, automatically time and light control, overcharge and disovercharge protection.
Lamp pole 10 M height, iron-casting with powder coated
Lamp accessories All necessary cables, cable joints and screw bolts, etc.

Solar lighting project for roadway Benefit

The efficiency is up to 130 lm/w and the lux in the center can up to 33 lux, it is more brightness than the commen led street lights.

Solar lighting project for roadway Lighting Curve Design