Wind Solar Hybrid

Wind solar hybrid street light is the most essential outdoor lighting in our lives everyday, it gives us brightness night life, decorated the city colorful. But at the same time, street light is power-hungry, because of the long transmission lines, and the loss of transmission lines is also great, especially the road far away from the substation suburbs, tourist attractions, and highway development zone.
Wind and solar hybrid led street light with high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable, no need cables, no conventional energy consumption, long life, etc., is strongly advocated the promotion of renewable energy products in today’s society.

Wind Solar Hybrid Cost Advantage

It is widely believed the cost of wind and solar lights is high. In fact, with scientific and technological progress, wind turbine, the technical level of energy-efficient lighting products and solar products increased to lower prices. The cost of wind and solar lights have been close to the average cost of a conventional street lights. However, due to wind and solar lights do not consume energy, so it’s operating costs is far lower than conventional lights.

Wind Solar Hybrid System Features

Efficiency Wind Turbine

A low-speed wind turbine power generation performance is very good , efficiency of magnet motor can be up to 96%.

High Efficiency Solar Modules

Solar wind systen modules are using high conversion efficiency of solar cells, junction boxes and other accessories chosen TUV certified components.

Capacity Control/Inverter Machine

The control/inverter machine, with charactors of inductive load capacity, big start power, small load loss, high efficiency, control reliable, not easy to damage, etc., can be highly efficient and stable.

Reasonable Design

The wind solar hybrid system is design reasonable of each parts, can ensure high efficiency, economy is good.

Simple System

The whole wind solar hybrid system is simple, with low maintenance cost, and easy to install.

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