Street Light Pole Overview

Street Light Pole body using a molding, steel rods (Q235) welds shall be smooth, the entire weld rod protruding portion of the rod formation error should not be greater than ± 1mm. Poles treated with preservatives for the hot-dip galvanizing. Zinc coating surface is smooth and beautiful, shiny consistency. Pole surface spray thickness ≧ 100um.

Street Light Pole

Street Light Pole

Street Light Pole Testing Standards

1, Adhesion test, cross of marks with a special adhesive tape vertical stick 12 times without peeling.
2, Zinc coating thickness of the test: either take 30 points, the arithmetic mean is greater than 86um.
3, Resistant to salt spray test: 5% Nacl, 35℃, 96 hours without yellow rust.
4, Zinc coating thickness uniformity test, copper dipping test six times without hanging copper phenomenon.

Pole Technical Parameters:

1, The taper: 12: 1000
2, Straightness deviation: <0.2%
3, The length deviation: <+ 5nlm
4, Margins deviation: + 2mm
5, Light body twist: <5 °
6, Rod straightness: <1mm

7, Curved arm twist: <2 °
8, Curved arm portion of the margin deviation: <15 °
9, Flange and pole body verticality deviation: <1 °
10, Flange welding position deviation: <2mm
11, Zinc coating thickness: ≥85um
12, Pole surface spray thickness: ≥100um
13, The design factor: 1.8
14, Anti-wind speed: 36.9m/s