Solar Street Light Overview

Solar street lights is an automatic control system of work, it will automatically run the job simply set the operating mode. Solar street light is ideal for road lighting, along with the improvement and continuous development of society, it will be widely used for human illumination at night. Solar street lighting is safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, easy installation and automatic control.

How Solar Street Light Works:

Solar panels exposure to sunlight, absorb sunshine light and convert it into electrical energy during the day time to charge the batteries under the control of the intelligent controller; Battery to provide power to LED street light to achieve illumination at night. DC controller can ensure batteries were not damaged for overcharge or over discharge, it also have the functions of light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and so on.

Solar Street Light Features & Benefits

Free Energy

Solar street light get power from the sun, inexhaustible.

Environmental Protection

No pollution, no noise, no radiation.


No electric shock, fire and other accidents.


Installation is simple and does not require the cables and the big jobs of dig or construction, also it is no power brownouts concerns.

Long life

High-tech products. Control systems and accessories are all provided from brand partners with intelligent design, reliable quality.

High Grade

Technology products, green energy, and user attention to science and technology can improve green image.

Less Investment

One-time investment is equivalent to the AC lighting system (alternating current from the substation investment into power, total control box, cables, engineering, etc.), long enough benefit.

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