Solar Lawn Light Overview

Solar lawn light is a popular new green decorative lighting, it is absorbed sunlight to produce electricity by the solar cell, to charge the lamp battery. It automatically charging at dayt time and automatic work at night. The lamp has a variety of colors, and light resource is using ultra highlight LED, battery can working 8-12 hours a day, light body use high strength ABS plastic, cast aluminum or high-quality steel. People like it as it is beautiful, easy to install, decorative, energy saving, safe easy, cheap.

Solar Lawn Light Working Principle

During the day time, due to photostatic effect, when the sunlight reach to the surface of solar panel, it will produce electricity. Power is transmitted to the controller by wires, the controller detects the battery voltage, and charge it. When Night, the solar panel working voltage current is gradually decreased. When operating voltage is less than a predetermined discharge starting voltage, it begin to discharge, and the solar lawn lamp begin to work. Until the next day, the voltage of solar panel is greater than the predetermined voltage thus continuous cycle, this is the solar lawn lamp light control principle.