All in one Solar Street Light Overview

All in one solar street light is to make a high efficiency solar panel, long life lithium battery, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, mounting brackets and other centralized security in one of the solar lights. The benefits of integrated solar street light is easy installation, lower weight and long life with no maintance. Generally two workers without the use of heavy equipment and tools, only five minutes can complete the installation.

Integrated Solar Street Light Cost Advantages:

1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street light is to save expensive installation, construction, commissioning and product transportation costs, the cost is usually only 1/5 of the traditional lamp, if it is exported abroad, just 1/10 of the traditional.
2. The integrated solar lights have long life ten years compared to 3-5 years if traditional ones, It use the world’s first lithium battery management control technology. Integration Solar street lighting of service and parts replacement costs can be greatly reduced in the future . Thanks to the unique product design, under the guidance users does not require technical support and engineers, but only need a few minutes to complete replace.

All in one Solar Street Light Features & Benefits

Integrated Design

Integrated design, LED light source, the new high-capacity lithium battery, solar battery and automatic controller all in one.

Easily Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance easy, without having to install cables, without equipped with special poles, functional components modular design,it is convenient at installation, maintenance, replacement.

Environmentally Optimal Energy

The use of solar power systems, pure green energy, inexhaustible, environmentally optimal energy.

High-capacity Lithium Batteries

High-capacity lithium batteries, high power energy, long life, light weight, green, and it does not produce any harmful substances.

LED Light Source

Using LED light source, no diffuse reflection, with a high efficiency lighting rate, with the unique optical design, it can be irradiated to a wider area, improve the efficiency of light. And the LED light source has a long life, high luminous efficiency, light color uniform and other advantages, to be the best  environmental products.

Aluminum Material Housing Body

Housing body is made of aluminum material, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear characteristics, to ensure that products meet damp, hydrochloric acid environment.

Industrial-grade Components Control System

The control system uses industrial-grade components, adapt to harsh environments, and can ensure the brightness.

All in one Solar Street Light 6W-80W

we are the manufacture of the all in one solar street light, and all the power following can be available:

6W,8W, 10W,12W,15W,18W,20W,25W,30W,40W,50W,60W,80W.

Check the video to find all the model of the all in one solar street lights..