Over 13 years of TopSolar family journey

TopSolar is for street lamp business at the beginning, and now it’s production range including wind solar hybrid, solar street light, led street light, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights and many other led lights. After a 13 years experience in solar and LED, it is become to be the leader in this field.

  • 2014 - We rebuild company building to improve working efficiency and corporate impression.

  • 2013 - More than 200 big quantity workers to ensure all the orders delivery on time.

  • 2009 - Foreign trade totally accounted for 20%, products all over 20 countries

  • 2008 - Build solar panel and light pose/post workshop to lower the cost

  • 2006 - Expand the product range to Garden and Lawn lights

  • 2005 - Build Project Department to attend National bid and enlarge our effect

  • 2003 - Product arrange: HPS and LED street lamp, we extended product range step by step

  • 2002 - We started do the street light business and build good relationship with our supplier

TopSolar founded in 2002