All in one Solar Street Light Overview

All in one solar street light is to make a high efficiency solar panel, long life lithium battery, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, mounting brackets and other centralized security in one of the solar lights. The benefits of integrated solar street light is easy installation, lower weight and long life with no maintance. Generally two workers without the use of heavy equipment and tools, only five minutes can complete the installation.

All in one solar street light 80W specification

1.Material:Aluminum Alloy

2.Solar Panel:18V 110W (Monocrystalline silicon cell)

3.Led Lamp Power:Birdgelux 80W

4.Battery:Lithium LiFePO4 battery 12.8V 66Ah

5.Install height:10-12M

6.Solar street light 80W Lumen:9600LM

7.Charge time:6 hours

Discharge time:a Full power:10 hours b Saving model:4-6 rainy days

8.Product/Packing Size:1330*540*150mm/1300*670*220mm

9.Net/Gross Weight:29.8/30.8KG

All in one integrated solar street light 80W Working Model

Timing working mode(50w,60w,80w):

The first 3 hour: 100% full power lighting

The later 2 hours: 65% power lighting

The rest of a few hours: keep 30% power lighting

All in one solar street light Application:

Parking lot, road, street, park area, Square, garden, villa residence and so on.

All in one solar street light Application

All in one solar street light Application

All in one solar street light important notes

  • All in one solar street light can not leave the sun, please select the appropriate install site based on the amount of radiation, the sunlight intensity is very important for the installation of solar energy. In the lack of sunshine or long time consecutive rainy days area, solar lamps working time will be shortened.
  • Solar lights integrated long-life lithium batteries as its energy storage device.It’s charging conditions during the day is 0 ~ 60 ℃, lower than 0 ℃, charging efficiency will be greatly reduced. At night discharge conditions -20 ~ 60 ℃, beyond this range, it will destroy the battery performance, and greatly shorten the lithium battery life time. Please confirm local extreme temperatures will not exceed the above conditions when using the integrated solar street light.

All in one solar street light 80W products video showing


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